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Amanda McLaren

After a short spell working in the petrochemical industry, obtaining a degree in Chemical Engineering, my career took a change in direction when I joined the Management Programme. After a couple of takeovers, I spent 20 years in Operational Management. The TUPE to Foundever in August 2018 was a big change for everyone, but with change comes opportunity. I took the chance and embarked on my second career change by taking up a new HR role, and if I’m being honest, I haven’t looked back since.

The last year has been the most enjoyable and rewarding of my career and I am excited about what the future holds. I’m currently working towards my level 5 professional qualifications with CIPD and I enjoy the challenge and the variety each day with Foundever brings. It’s fantastic to work for such a global company. I hope that in my role as a MAXpert I can use the contacts in that global community to share best practise and aim for “better every day”. Outside of work, my life is equally busy with my husband Martin and three kids Emily 15, Josh 13 and Sophie 12. I’m not sure what’s the bigger challenge, but I love both parts of my work-life balance.

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