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Naomi Oerton

Hi, I am Naomi. I am 34 years old and a member of the UK HR team.

My route into HR has not been a conventional one. I trained as a Forensic Archaeologist and my ambition was to work for the UN recovering victims of genocide in war-torn countries. I side-tracked into HR. Not an obvious second choice.

After 6 years working in HR in the manufacturing industry in rural Devon, I made a move to the “big city”. My journey at Foundever started in September 2013 as an HR Advisor at our Exeter site. I remember my first few weeks vividly: the noise, pace and energy of outsourcing. I loved it. After 4 years and progressing to the site HR manager, I made the decision to leave, with a huge amount of knowledge and experience under my belt.

Five months later and I was back! In a new role and feeling a little sheepish after a big send off! I am now in a regional position supporting the onsite HR teams across the UK. The Exeter site is still my home.

There are quite a few of us in the “second timer” crew. It says a lot. Once you get the Foundever bug, it is difficult to shake off.

I am proud of my personal journey at Foundever and continuously inspired by those I see around me. Many of the people I met in my first few weeks back in 2013 are still here today in different roles, functions and some in different countries — each on their own journey.

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