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Andy Richardson

In November 2015, I left Foundever to pursue alternative job opportunities. At the time, I believed this to be something I wanted for my professional development and career. However, in August of 2018 – after spending almost three years in a job that wore me down and slowed my professional and personal life almost to a standstill – I applied at Foundever.

Luckily, I was accepted and so began my second stint at Foundever. After two weeks of training, I started on the phones at the quietest time of the year for my campaign. Calls at the time were coming in at a rate of about five per person per day, which gave me the time to get to know the people around me.

In my opinion, the best thing about Foundever has always been the people within the company, both on campaigns I have worked on and others. Almost without trying, you can make friends and immediately feel comfortable and welcomed into the environment. This always helped me to improve my work. You feel as though your colleagues and superiors are always there to support you. Everyone from the receptionists to the senior management is friendly and this lends itself to the ‘family’ atmosphere that is frequently talked about within Foundever.

Returning to Foundever almost eighteen months ago was definitely one of the best decisions I have made in my life and I can honestly say that I have never been happier in my work than I am at the moment. I do not doubt that I will be at Foundever for many years to come. Here’s to many more happy years.

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