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Angelica Rufino

Everyone is given an opportunity to try out their luck in the BPO industry in an attempt to start their career. Several can pass the initial screening, assessments and sets of interviews, but even fewer get to stay longer in their accounts after the probationary period. There are several factors and possible root causes why inevitable circumstances happen, but I’ll not focus on those.

Being a part of the Customer Care team can also be challenging for a person who just came from a loss. As a result, a person may become excessively emotional beyond control or can become apathetic, like Artificial Intelligence. It requires a lot of effort, patience, and action plans to overcome this challenge.

This is a story of one man, of becoming triumphant. His success was made possible through trial-and-error of different action plans and many coaching sessions. These were all later applied in the new working environment. Little did he know, the experience he had helped and things started to become manageable.

After learning from a former work colleague about the opportunity, he went to try his luck and became a walk-in applicant on an ordinary morning in June. He did not expect anything during the application process. He knew that his knowledge wasn’t enough, so he showed a willingness to learn more about the account he would be supporting. June 29th of last year was his official training start date for the Dependent Verification Services (DVS) team as part of Wave 1. After that, a Fate’s twisted trick fell on him because he was re-profiled for CBA (Core Benefits Administration); however, that didn’t discourage him. He never saw it coming, but he thought it can be a better one. He accepted it, considering he needed to help his parents with their family’s financial needs. The one-month training for CBA with our very lively and adorable Client-Specific trainer Laura Jones was incomparable. It was learning while having fun with interaction between the facilitators and trainees setting. It was the best! She did not leave us when we went live in August. It’s been 13 months since he started supporting the CBA team and so far, he was able to improve himself. He could not even pass a single metric before, but in CBA he can! From being over transactional to a conversational type as well as expression of empathy in calls.

There’s nothing wrong staying at an agent level, though. He had his own reasons similar to how God plans his future. Working at Foundever helped his family catch up with their financial predicament and save some of it, at least for future endeavors. So far, his favorite part is the fixed weekend off work aside from their Client-Specific trainer, Laura Jones. There may be no specific anecdote that made him stay this long; still, he had plans for himself and his family’s future, which motivates him to pursue his career.

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