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Kevin Guerrero

My name is Kevin Guerrero. I’m 26 years old and I joined the Foundever family four years ago. I actually started in the FLIP program, and afterward, I was given the amazing opportunity to apply for a job. Before Foundever, I worked at restaurants and also at a hotel, so I had experience in customer service. However, I always saw the billboards on the streets about FLIP, and I started to get curious about it until one day, I decided to apply. I knew I wanted to work for Foundever the minute I stepped in the lobby. I automatically felt the warmth of the people working there and welcoming me to the family, the energy and the enthusiasm that’s always in the air.

Throughout the years, I have been able to deal with different work environments and customers; learning the importance of empathy. If we can meet the customer’s state of mind, they will feel appreciated and will build the trust that we are looking for them to have in us. I also learned how to work together with my peers because we are stronger as one team and it makes it easier to get to our goals.

Foundever has also made me bolder. I know that the sky is the limit when it comes to possibilities. Personally, I always look for opportunities to help when needed, whether it’s a new co-worker that has a question or my supervisor needing help with a specific task. I always volunteer and give my best effort, but our excellent management team always encourages us to participate and be involved in different activities.

Being part of the MAX Insider team is just a step forward in my career at Foundever. I am eager to share my ideas with the team and get to know the company. Foundever has always made me feel appreciated and that I’m not just another number. Now more than ever, I feel like I can make a difference with this initiative. I am sure that better things are coming our way and this way we will continue to wow our clients and customers.

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