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Angelicate Ytac

Hello Kabarkadas!
My name is Angelicate Ytac, I am 27 years old. A proud working mom and a student at the same time đź’•

I started as an agent in May 2017 and got promoted after a year as a Call Monitoring Specialist 🥰

Becoming a parent before you have found your identity is tough. It can add more obstacles to your path, making your goals harder to reach. I was looking for a way to redeem myself when I found Foundever.

Foundever helped me regain my confidence and self-esteem. Foundever empowered me through the series of trainings that helped me unleash the more in me. I was even recognized as a top agent during 2018 Quarter 2 Passion Awards.

I always loved to share my Foundever stories to inspire other people, I even referred my friends and relatives to apply. Aside from earning extra, it is very rewarding to know that my referrals are getting hired and experiencing the fun environment of Foundever.

I fell in love with Foundever, I found my second home. I am proud living out Foundever Life ❤️


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