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Dora Tsvetkova

Hi everybody, I am Nemo’s best friend – my name is Dory. My Foundever journey started in 2014 when I first came back to Bulgaria.

After almost 7 years of living and studying abroad, life taught me a lesson. One day I was called for an agent position in Spanish and during the interview, I had no clue what the job position was about.

This was the first time I heard about BPO, outsourcing and in/outbound. I decided to take the challenge telling myself that this is a temporary means to earn a living, which would give me time to decide what to do next…

Over 5 years later, I am a Team Manager of the Italian of the same campaign (for 4 years now) and doing the GP Program for OM. I am happily married in Bulgaria with a mortgage to the bank (this is actually a great thing here ) and an active Zumba instructor in my spare time and most of all I have created very valuable friendships and connections during these years. There is a Bulgarian saying: “there is nothing longer lasting than the temporary things in life.”

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