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Angel Morris

I’ve been given the fantastic opportunity to work from home to help my work colleagues and my family.

First of all, this has kept a solid structure in my home and work life. I’m managing to keep on top of my workload and not miss out on those first moments with a newborn (nothing beats my typing away at my keyboard and I notice the newest addition to my family tapping on my chair next to me smiling up at me). So, to Foundever, thank you for giving me this opportunity.

I have regular calls to my team and managers in the business to keep that communication link strong and effective in these ever-changing days.

Survival guide:

  • Load music to bop away at the desk (if not on a call).
  • Try to sit near the window to enjoy these nice sunny days (close curtains if raining lol).
  • On the same note, if you have a garden/roof terrace, try to spend as much of your breaks out there to gather your thoughts and have a bite to eat.
  • Have video chats with colleagues and friends, seeing a friend’s face smiling back at you always cheers my day up.
  • Meal prep so you can enjoy your full break and takes away rushed eating.

In this unprecedented time, we’re highlighting #FoundeverHeroes to spark inspiration and positive conversation when we need it most. From adjusting to working from home, implementing social distancing measures in our sites and keeping up with the daily changes around the globe, we are  celebrating stories of success, motivation, overcoming challenges and more. Visit and search hashtag #FoundeverHeroes.

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