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Anibal Geovany Rodriguez Mena

I joined Foundever on December 20, 2020 as a customer service agent.. This is my first experience in the company and I am glad for the opportunity I received here. Soon in my story I received the chance to apply for a QAtt position and after 2 months in the company I obtained a position as QAtt, I’ve been a part of the QA team since February 2021, always doing everything I can to support the campaign and the company. I feel grateful for the faith and trust that I received from everyone I’ve worked with. Since the very beginning I recognized that the values in Foundever are strong and everyone is living by these values.

I want to share my experience with other, help and encourage them to work and look for the opportunities, being able to have an impact in others and keep supporting Foundever the same way you guys have supported me is the best way that I have to show how much I appreciate the opportunities I have received since I joined the company.

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