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Anthony de Sigley

Some thoughts on working from home:

This has been a testing time for all of us. However, one thing has gone really well, which is our sudden and unexpected exodus from the office.

I remain very impressed by the speed with which our team was enabled to work from home. End to end, we got the whole team up and running within a few short days, which is an extremely impressive performance, especially given the scale and complexity of the exercise. It is no mean feat for a company to relocate the operations of ten of thousands of agents working on thousands of accounts worldwide.

Personally, I am very appreciative of the seamless continuity from Thursday in the office to Friday working at home, without any serious glitches or issues. A big hand to all who contributed to making it happen!

We’ve now been working from home for three weeks and have settled well into a new pattern of interacting. Whilst I miss not having the team around, we have been able to remain in sync with good regular communication. True it’s harder to do some things, like providing instant assistance to colleagues; however, every cloud has a silver lining. This process has made our whole team far more self-reliant – we’ve all had to up our game, which is no bad thing!

Moving forward, we are finding new ways to interact, coach and support each other, so everyone is fully engaged and the team spirit is very much alive!

Personally, I’m enjoying the new pattern. There are obvious quality of life benefits, including not having to travel 2-3 hours each day, which is a real benefit.

Aside from missing the team banter and interaction, overall, working from home continues to be a positive experience. One big plus is that a quieter environment with fewer distractions also creates opportunities for reflection and service improvement.

Overall, if we can find opportunities to meet up from time to time, I can see no reason for not continuing this way.

United Kingdom

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