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Santiago Bayona

This amazing journey started back in February 2017. I was just getting to Colombia back from my studies in the US, ready to find work and assist my family as any of us. Initially, I had no clue what Foundever was or a BPO was for the matter. However, I am so happy and glad to say that after 3 years of being here. I made the right choice! I started as an agent and after 3 months, got promoted to backup coach and was also a mentor. I managed to develop skills that led me to be a coach after my trial period and had an opportunity to move to Cali from Bogota, to be a coach in another campaign. I learned a lot and then I had another amazing opportunity to go to one of the most important clients that we have in Cali. In which I am currently OMTT for that campaign. I can only say that I am grateful to Foundever Colombia and to the amazing people that I have crossed paths who have made me so knowledgeable about the industry and given me tips not only for the job but for life as well.


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