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Arthur Moraleda

Arthur Moraleda

I started thinking of working as a call center agent in 2003. I was working as a gasoline boy in Angono that time. I had a girlfriend that was bound to have a really nice career and future. I thought as a gasoline boy, I won’t be at level with her so I had to step up.

For starters, I do not know how to use the internet and my English was limited to just being able to understand what I read. I knew that was not enough. For a year, I had to read English magazines a few hours before I go to work to broaden my vocabulary. I had to know how to use the internet. I had to go to internet shops after work to play online games. I watched YouTube videos with interviews in English.

To improve my English skills, I watched English movies on my days off. I took note of how they say things and their accents. I would practice speaking in an American accent by singing every afternoon while I clean the restrooms at the gasoline station.

The plan was originally for 3 years because I was planning on taking a 2-year computer course. My main goal that time was to work as a tech support agent at Dell, which, at that time, was reputed as one of the best centers.

Fate intervened when the gas station closed. I could not get myself to college anymore. I had to have a job immediately because it was Christmas season.

I started as an outbound agent since 2004. I finally landed in Foundever for my first inbound account. I was one of the slowest learners in Batch 49. In fact, I was one of the 2 agents that did not graduate with my batch mates because I had to extend the nesting period.

Twice, I became part of Project Runway, a program which was designed to improve the quality score of agents who were failing.

After more than two years, I got transferred and promoted to the Helpdesk Team which changed everything.

I became more empowered and more knowledgeable about things that revolve around airline operations. I am able to answer inquiries and help everyone from all departments. I fell in love with my work in Helpdesk because we’re like a big family that comforts each other in sticky situations.


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