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Carina Passinhas

Hi, I’m Carina Passinhas and I joined Foundever 20 years ago. Today I would like to share my story with you:)

When I joined Foundever I was 21, so I wasn’t expecting to find the job of my life…but boy…was I wrong! Throughout my Foundever journey, I started as an agent, I progressed to Team Manager and afterward to Operations Manager of several clients having the opportunity to work with outstanding brands and amazing people along the way, which I’m grateful to call Family & Friends for Life!

Currently, I’m Talent Manager, and I use all the experience and knowledge gained over the years to identify and coach our greatest asset: Our People.

With that being said, it’s honest to say that I love what I do and actively contributing to other people’s growth…it Makes My Day!

Fun Fact: All my life, I’ve been a Cat Lover, so it was a delightful surprise when 11 years ago I met someone that told me his nickname was “Cat”. It turns out that this guy became my “Hubby”, so today I have 3 beautiful & Loving Cats in my life (Husband included) 🙂

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