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Christopher Muir

I’ve been working at home for about a week and so far it’s great. Even when I’m hard at work, my family is always nearby and I can see my son whenever I wish.

I am in a safer environment as I have asthma and would be at risk in the working environment we would normally be in.

I don’t feel isolated or “out of the loop”, I have daily calls with my colleagues all from the comfort of my own home without the worry of becoming seriously ill.

Not only that, but I now have up to an extra 2 hours each day where I am not commuting, and I spend that time either walking in the park with my family or inside in the warm if it is cold.

Being at home as much as I am, I have been able to catch up on jobs around the house that I have been meaning to do, and I have started painting miniatures again J. I haven’t had the time or drive to do it in years.

And all of this without loss of work or pay! Thank you Foundever.

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