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Lesley and Allan Maslen

As a married couple, working together and living together can throw up some interesting challenges at the best of times. And we often comment that Foundever – with its People First culture – is probably the only company where we could do this with any measure of success.

When Lesley was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2019, the company was fabulously supportive, and we were both given all the time, backing and flexibility we needed. Thankfully Lesley is now post-surgery and doing really well.

And then Covid-19 hit! The Waitrose lines were busier than ever, but with Lesley still in the last throes of radiotherapy, she was in the ‘highly vulnerable’ category and it was clear we both needed to be isolated urgently. The Waitrose team at Foundever Stratford, led by Sue Headington, made sure we were among the first workers to be given computers, headsets, mice and monitors, and we were soon connected up and working at home.

So now the daily joke over the dinner table is “How was your commute?” and we consider ourselves so very lucky to work for a company that has bent over backwards to make sure we are safe and comfortable, and can continue to have full time work through these uncertain times.

Home working survival tips?

  • Get into an office mindset, and save the home chat till later. And remember it works both ways, so no discussing work in your downtime while you binge-watch The Crown (to pluck an example randomly from thin air.)
  • Put a shift in: repay the trust they have shown in you.
  • Make the most of the moments of quiet, they’ll soon be gone when this has blown over.
  • Oh, and keep using a coffee cup with a lid! #oops #nothingtoseehere

Lesley and Allan Maslen, Foundever Stratford.

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