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Codey Burdett

My story with Foundever began back around 2007 where I was employed for my first full time position. Being young and naïve to just how amazing an employer Foundever was I did not take the position seriously and was actually fired for missing too much time within my probationary period.
After that I got experience in many different positions from factory labor, janitorial, door to door sales, fast food, and many other call center positions. During each passing day and each monotonous, dead end position it became more and more clear how much Foundever has to offer.
Several applications, interviews, and 10 years later I got a second chance and was hired back. Since then my work life has taken a full 360 degree turn. No longer do I dread going to work, no more am I frustrated at impossible odds of promotion, no more do I feel like an outsider day in and day out because of my tattoos. Foundever has embraced and ignited the passion inside me to do the best and at every turn continued to nurture it by providing new positions and opportunities for me to excel in.
Since my return my life has changed dramatically from providing support helping new agents in training and production to promotion to Coach and now looking down the path of becoming a Trainer. I have had 2 children born since and another on the way Dec 2020 and Foundever has been here for me through all the changes. I love Foundever so much I referred my fiancé just under a year ago and though we do not work on the same line of business her experience has been one of acceptance, motivation, and unconditional support unlike any other employer.


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