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Bethany Barrett

I started with Foundever March of 2018. I had just made a life decision that I needed to leave the industry that I had worked in for 25 years. I had Worked in the restaurant industry since I was 15 and that was all I knew and was also the only thing on my resume. I got a call from Foundever arranging an interview and I though “hey, why not”. I started with a campaign that I truly love and was working with a product I believe in. I had amazing trainers who talked about growth within the company and that If I truly set a goal for myself I would achieve it. Soon after then I applied for the Coach Growth Point position and got the opportunity. I have now been a coach for almost 2 years and have learned so much from my peers, my operations managers and the agents that I work with Daily. For me I feel that the Sky is the limit with Foundever and I plan on working to achieve all of my goals.


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