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Delfa Noguera Zuñiga

Greetings! My name is Delfa. I know it may sound like a strange name, but I think it is an original name! I started working at Foundever-Nicaragua in November of 2017 as a Customer Service Representative for a coffee brand.

Foundever has an excellent professional environment. This job has been an incredible blessing for my family and me. I appreciate the opportunity to work and grow as I learn something new every day.

I consider it valuable to develop myself and help my coworkers if I have the knowledge to do so. Likewise, I like to ask for help from my coaches, QAs, and the OMs when I need them.

One thing that I love from Foundever is that there is a football field that I can play football (soccer) with my coworkers. The only drawback is that in my campaign there are like three girls beside me that play. Yes! Just that, come on! We need more girls playing! 💪🏻. We can do it! So I invite you girls to join us. We play with respect and professionalism and obviously for fun.

As I continue to develop my career in Foundever, in the future, I would like to be a Quality Analyst for my campaign. This is a position that I’m interested in as it aligns with my skills and career goals. I am looking forward to growing in this company. I know that we have to work together as a team and I am passionate about developing work connections to strengthen our teamwork. If we have to do something, we have to do it together. 🤝

I’m proud to be part of MAX Insiders and I’m very grateful to Foundever for letting me be part of this big family.

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