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Don Berryman

Like many of our 75,000 people around the world, my first paying job was as a customer service representative for a local newspaper. I began my day at 4 p.m. taking customer calls about vacation holds, selling subscription upgrades and trying to convince customers not to cancel and calming them down when they didn’t get their afternoon newspaper. That job taught me a great deal about customer experience and my role in ensuring our customers hung up feeling better than when they called. Many calls, as the evening went on, were often about missed or wet newspapers – and my job was to call the 12-year-old newspaper carrier and convince them to take another paper out. We then called every customer back to verify they received their delivery. If they hadn’t, we split up the missed papers among our four or five part-time employees and headed out at 8 p.m. when our shift ended to redeliver each and every one – with a 100 percent guarantee. This is a lesson that helped shape my career decisions for the rest of my life.

We have thousands of associates around the globe with the same strong feeling of commitment to our customers and our clients’ customers every day. From our talented agents on the phones, our tremendous support teams, our account managers, Sales team or executives, everyone is committed to delivering superior customer experience. Everyone, doing their job, to the very best of their ability, every day is what makes Foundever special and why so many new and existing clients want to partner with us and grow with us.

Thank you to all of our “Empowered Voices” for making our company an amazing place to work.


Don Berryman

Chief Commercial Officer, Foundever


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