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Eden Gutierrez

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller
This is reflective of the very fiber of Foundever Princesa. Together, we made a difference no matter how minute or gargantuan the task may have been. Achieving 60% staffing, at our peak — in less than 48 hrs — shows that we have risen above the odds and this would not be possible without each and everyone’s help across all levels of the organization. What we will remember most of this crisis is not about how challenging it was; rather, it is how we all went beyond our roles and made things happen. The kind of teamwork we showed and the extent of what we can do, not only for our employees but for anyone needing us right now will remain as our badge of honor. My heart swells seeing each and every one of you get in that door, I do not just see people added for attendance today. I see human beings with passion, joy and pride to serve. Our clients and most importantly, our customers, are very appreciative of how we fulfilled our purpose in these trying times. There are no words to express how sincerely thankful I am.
The Puerto Princesa Leadership Team (PPLT) could not be any more grateful and I am mighty proud to be leading this pack of untiring heroes and selfless leaders. Salamat, Foundever Barkada!
#WorkInParadise #AllIsWellInFoundever


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