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Elliott Childs

I joined Foundever Plymouth as a Team Manager in July 2019.

I’m currently still working on Site in Plymouth. Myself, the other Team Managers and all areas of the business have been working tirelessly to provide all agents the facility to work from home, with an incredible amount of support from the Senior Management Team. While writing this, we primarily only have agents in the building who do not have the facility to work from home or those who have chosen to stay in a professional work environment.

While there have been a few obstacles to overcome to ensure all systems are running, it’s been amazing to see Our Foundever Family pull together and ensure everyone is safe and working.

While the current times present us with uncertainty and anxiety for some, it’s encouraging to see how well Foundever has adapted and been proactive rather than reactive. As a manager, it’s essential for me to ensure all policies and procedures are being maintained and followed, which has been aided with the absolutely clear and transparent communication from our Senior Management Team, Sonya Arcos and Dan Piper. This presents me with the opportunity to ensure all of our agents, W@H or in the site, are kept “in the loop” and fully informed.

For myself, I check in with my agents who are working from home, daily, to ensure they’re happy, supported and updated with any important issues, whether it’s my day off or I’m at my desk. I can’t stress the importance of ensuring people do not feel alone while isolating.

We also have an Engagement Committee here in Plymouth to drive engagement for all LOBs. We have been working extremely hard to provide engagement throughout our site and for the people working from home with the utilisation of the blog and via social media.

I’d personally like to thank the Agents, Team Managers, IT and Senior Management Team for all of the hard work, hours and effort everyone has put in. I understand these are stressful and testing times, but let’s take this by the horns and use it as an opportunity to create on big Foundever Family.

Best of luck to everyone. Stay safe.
Elliott Childs

United Kingdom

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