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Josue Trejos

For the Social person that I am, I had never considered working remotely. For those who already know me, you can really tell that I am super outgoing and upbeat. I love interacting with people and commuting to an office every day. It’s something that I really enjoyed, plus, the on-site events is something that I REALLY LOVE! The social gatherings: on-site lunches with colleagues, the birthday celebrations, connect events. You name it!

It’s been quite a while since I transitioned into the full virtual job experience and ever since, this has been a whole new learning process. I won’t lie. A first, it can be kind of difficult to adapt to a new working routine and style but once you learn how to manage the “work at home” style, you won’t want to go back to an office! Today, I would like to share with you some tips that have worked for me to fully enjoy the “Remote work experience”.

1. Having a morning routine: I remember that during the first weeks of working from home, I was getting up from bed, turning on the PC, and immediately started working. It took me a while to realize that I was skipping breakfast, not taking a shower and wearing PJ’s all day long! This is the most common mistake we make. I told myself that I needed to implement a morning routine to activate my brain into the “remote working mode” and add routines as I would normally do while working on-site. My action plan included:

*Exercise: I retook some best practices like going to the gym and burn out some calories very early in the morning (5 AM). This helps me release stress and start my morning fresh and active!

*Dress to impress! Even though I am not on-site, being able to take a shower after my work out routine, dress-up and be ready for video calls, makes me feel fresh! Self-care is key while working from home! Remember, you need to shine on camera 🙂 so make sure you wear your favorite outfit- This gives me the idea of “commuting”.

*Where is my iced coffee? I cannot operate without coffee. Once I am dress up, I continue my morning routine with my favorite drink (this is usually my breakfast too). This gives me energy and also makes me feel like, “Let’s do this”. My creativity flows and I am able to start with great vibes. Usually, the most successful marketing campaigns that I’ve proposed are a result of a great coffee.

2. Having a dedicated space and make it yours! During the first months, I spent my days on the couch or in bed- Don’t do this, please! I realized that I was easily getting exhausted and I needed motivation! I immediately chose a place at home and built an office where I could feel EXCITED! I invested a lot of time in decorating it and made the space MINE! I added some family pics and things that made me happy. Trust me, this really helps, being in a space where you feel comfortable makes you more productive and focused. This also helped me a lot on maintaining a work/life balance as I can now close the office and go to the living room without feeling that I am still at work 🙂

3. Be strategic and creative: If you live with your family, it’s important for them to understand that you are still at work. Setting up the right expectations will help you manage your time better. Start your day with a to-do list by order of importance and priority. This will help you stay focused and work under specific goals. Don’t forget to block a space on your calendar for a break! I usually take a 15-min break at 2:00 PM. Making a pause helps as you can use this time to check on your relatives or quickly connect with the rest of the people at home.

4. On-Site distancing does not mean emotional disconnection! Foundever has also given me a lot of friends who have become really close to me! We have been able to find a way to always stay connected. At the beginning, I felt really alone and I was really feeling apart. Make sure you don’t isolate yourself. Workplace chat or WhatsApp groups are great tools to share memes and fun messages that will make you feel connected with your people!

The remote job experience has been challenging but fulfilling at the same time. I have been able to learn new skills, become more strategic, and more “active” as I spend more time with my family and my dogs. I can still manage my time to be super productive! I am glad to be part of this amazing company that trusts me and offers me the tools that I need to be a happy associate!


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