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Enrique Jose Alvarez Castro

this is Enrique Alvarez, my friends call me Quike, and this is my story. I started working at Foundever in November 2020. From the very beginning, even before I applied, I admired how Max Social Team performed during their videos. They made you feel so involved, engaged, and welcomed. With that in mind, I decided to apply. Once I got the opportunity to become part of the Foundever team, good feelings were growing even more. I was in love with the department, trainers, management, environment, etc. Furthermore, I traced my path to become a Max Social. That way, I would be accountable for replicating what I felt when I watched Max Social Team performing on videos. Therefore, the next step to take is to become a Max Insider. Now that this opportunity is given, I’ll go above and beyond to exceed people’s expectations to get there.

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