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Rodrigo Fernando Aburto Martinez

Back In May 2016 I started my journey in Foundever! I heard pretty good things before coming to work, like Foundever was known to be the BEST of the BEST in the Call center world, not only in the relationship with the client, but with their associates, with plenty of Benefits and Incentives, with growing opportunities that were both transparent and plenty, and the best one in my opinion, that you could enjoy a Job Stability like in nowhere else!. To my surprise, everything was true, the stability, the growing opportunities, the search for excellency was part of the CORE values that made Foundever the place to be!.

Now, 5 years later and with my own team as a Coach, I want to be involve in the ever improvement of Foundever, and be the voice of not only my team, but every associate that is part of our Family, in order to create the environment they need to Succeed!

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