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Ernalyn Sta. Cruz

Ernalyn Sta. Cruz

I am Ernalyn Sta. Cruz, mother of 2, and a proud employee of Foundever Princesa.

My partner is a public transportation driver who did not agree with my decision to join Foundever as our kids are still young. Due to his lack of support, there were times when I was not able to report to work. This, unfortunately, contributed to my team’s lost hours.

Despite the challenge, I continued working in Foundever because I wanted to achieve my dream of owning a business. After a year, we now have a small internet café that my partner is managing. This made our relationship better. We are now both working together for our family. With the additional income, I can now afford to hire a nanny who looks after our kids while I am at work and my partner is tending to our small business


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