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Ernesto Araica

I have been part of Foundever Nicaragua for 9 months, developing the Peer Development Specialist Role, and I’m confident to say that this place is an amazing family, that has given me the tools to achieve my goals inside of the workplace as well as externally in my personal life, getting to know the values part of Foundever and applying them on a daily basis. Building experiences and trust with the associates of this big family made me learn the value of working together, that is why I would like to be a voice of this community for all of those associates who want to learn and maximize their experience in Foundever. Being part of the Max insider community will help me develop more leadership skills to be a stronger voice for the associates, sharing experiences with other people from the community so I can think outside of the box at the moment of bringing solutions to situation we face in this working environment becoming a more creative individual, making me an excellent prospect to help the others developing their personal skills and talents, creating bold people interested in growing with us, at the same time that I am doing it. Having the chance to be part of this community will definitely embrace myself to build a bigger career at this amazing workplace.

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