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Esperanza Ruiz

I started my road in Foundever in 2014. I started as an agent on a phone campaign where I did customer care and administrative tasks for the brand shops. I remember with clarity the first time that I attended a call, and it proposed a challenge that later progressed. It made my daily challenge to be that the person on the other side of the phone to feel that there’s someone to help him/her and be prepared to do it with the corporate tools. The following year, I was promoted to TM in the same campaign, where my challenge became bigger as I was leading a team of people I had to help, support, and drive to their objective. I also helped them to make their days in Foundever be more enjoyable. If I generated that experience for them, they would, without a doubt, generate it for their clients.

After five years, I was promoted to a Learning Specialist in the Talent department. My experience there was amazing. Working in a company with more than 75,000 employees gave me a clear vision of the corporate vision and execution. It allowed me to develop additional abilities and skills. It was a temporary space that symbolized growth, optimism and effort. I was developing Team Managers and Operation Managers with my experience and knowledge about the sector.

I recently returned to my position as Team Manager, where besides the vision I had previously, I have more experience and more corporate values. And if on top of that, I’m motivated by the idea of having great fellows by my side and the luck of having great friends, then I’ve won the lottery!

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