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Jelena Sivcev

Hi! I’m Jelena and people call me “teacher”, even though I perceive myself more as a “preacher”.

Everything started back in 2012 – when I was just a fresh mom and had no clue what parenting was all about; when the Belgrade site has just started working and was practically piloting the BPO industry on the Serbian market; by applying to a job advertisement I did not fully understand; and by falling in love with the idea of supporting the growth of a business and making it successful! Nevertheless, some things were clear to me from the very beginning:

1. People are the most important! Without them, we do not exist!
2. Leading and developing our people is a prerequisite for our future growth! Only being human in the digital era can create added value!
3. Clear processes are mandatory! Only living them will ensure we breathe!

Now, 7 years later, after hundreds and hundreds of new hires joining the local team, moving from Learning Specialist to Learning Manager, and then to Leadership Development Manager, meeting numerous colleagues, having multiple coffees, travelling and supporting the region, having one more child, living diverse experiences with much laughter, some tears, disagreements, and meeting lifelong friends, it seems like the story has just started. Now I see clearly how much more we can further develop and grow! And I trust we can do it together!

This is all just proof that things never happen by chance in life, and you do not choose your family. It is given to you!

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