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Eva Almeida

My journey at Foundever started last April. I feel, however, it started before. Let’s say it began as a journey to Foundever. My academic background is in Philosophy, and my professional background is in car mechanics and marketing. My passion, however, is writing. If only there were a job that would allow me to write and communicate with others…

As time went by, since I left college, I had a myriad of jobs that all seemed to point me towards Foundever. I needed a company that fit my professional values and I feel I found it. Foundever’s Peoples First values are what I felt was lacking in my professional life.

It’s good to be able to say that I am happy here. It’s rewarding to know that my efforts are acknowledged and prized. Being part of a real team – not just a group of people who work in the same schedule – is one of the best things I have as an Agent. I work in a huge room filled with people and I see smiling faces everywhere. This is Foundever. We come to work with a bright disposition and when we leave, there’s still energy left to enjoy life outside.

Did I tell you we work right across the street from one of the most beautiful parks in this city? I feel it’s a luxury to be able to visit during lunchtime.

I don’t work near Foundever, so when I got that call from Sophie telling me I could join the training, I decided I’d lay aside some money every month to buy an electric chopper. It was the first time I trusted a company to make such a goal and at first, I had to get used to the idea of having a stable job, even though that was precisely what I was looking for. Five months later, when my electric chopper was delivered to my house, I couldn’t believe it!

This is what Foundever has given me: stability, trust, a team that feels like family and the ability to reach my goals while keeping my sanity. So, this was a journey to Foundever. Now, I’m ready to continue my journey in Foundever, with Foundever.

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