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Fabiola Valeska Macias Bravo

I joined Foundever when I was 18 years old looking for a job while I was finishing my major, this company gave me the opportunity to balance my studies with a stable job. After three years as a customer service agent I decided to continue growing professionally and saw the opportunity to become a On site escalations which allowed me to develop the necessary skills to guide and influence people by sharing best practices and knowledge. A year later I had the chance to become a supervisor and was part of different projects that challenged me to become more skilled and better at managing people and since I always loved developing people I became part of the learning department which helped me polish my facilitating skills and taught me how portray our Foundever Values. Finally, I appreciate the different opportunities that this company has given me and cannot wait to see what the future holds for me, that’s why I would like to be part of the MAX community and continue contributing towards a better Foundever experience.

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