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Fadwa & Chaimaa M’hammedi Alaoui

MAX Insiders are not limited to a project name, it represents for us an adventure, a challenge, but above all, a story in itself.

2020 was supposed to be a year like any other, what happened is just as extraordinary in every way, and yes Mother Nature decided otherwise this year. A crisis that arrives and which creates a lot of anxiety in the majority of us. But since we always prefer to see the glass half full, we think she brought out what is good about us. We have remained focused on supporting our employees, guiding them, advising them and reassuring them. We took this crisis as an opportunity. That of moving forward together, keeping links, learning and informing and above all, not giving up. MAX is a project rich in discovery, learning and innovation. It taught us to work collectively in an active and coordinated manner with a single goal to change the experience of employees within the company, to offer them a serene place and a favorable working climate. Thanks to the MAX project, we were able to touch the different perimeters (Facilities, HR, Health, Operational, Support, Recruitment, COM, WFM…) a lot of knowledge and especially the joy felt when faced with the recognition of our colleagues.

We are proud of the smiles that we were able to draw on the faces of the employees, as well as the work accomplished by the MAX team. Our goal today, to become the face of our values, the Foundever values. #BeBold #BuildTrust #WorkTogether #WowCustomers. Honestly, it’s hard to find the right words to describe this exceptional experience, the key is perseverance, which is what makes the impossible possible, the possible probable and the probable achievable. #Les_twins_MAXinsiders


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