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Fiona Di Pietro

At EmpowerCX Europe 2019, our annual customer experience (CX) event, we recognized and celebrated three Foundever associates who are enhancing CX – one experience at a time. This is their story:

Since joining Foundever in 2015, Fiona has excelled in her role – always taking responsibility for her work and making sure every call she takes count. As someone who leads the way when it comes to performance, she has hit over 100% of her targets in the past two years. Fiona has also been proactive in passing on customer feedback to the client to ensure processes are improved and the customer experience is the best it can be.

She recently transitioned to a new campaign and not only has embraced this change with open arms of opportunity but has succeeded expectations through hard work, passion and commitment to the campaign and client. In her first week at Earlsdon, she set the record for the most number of appointments in one day on Amplifon.

Fiona always takes part in the engagement activities within the office, like most recently signing up for FoundeverFit. She has played an active part in the competition, taking extra steps during the day and supporting her fellow colleagues. She has also won a set of earphones for her participation in FoundeverFit challenges.

Her colleagues describe her as genuine and likable; a person who can be relied upon and always gives 100% in everything she does.

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