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Florentina Davis

Hello, my name is Florentina Davis. I have been working for Foundever since November 2017 this is my first time ever working at a call center. I have an identical twin sister who also works for Foundever and she told me to come apply. I have worked in the medical field since I was 18 years old and I love helping others. I also went to nursing school and graduated for a medical assistant career. I got sick with cancer and it took a toll on my body. It affected the way I was able to work with the people in the hospital. I decided to come to Foundever and I love it here. Everyone is nice; I know everyone and I do believe that we are all a big family. I started off as an agent and I wanted to work myself to become a leader because I love to help others and see them grow and become something big. I am now a CTT at Foundever.

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