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George Pinzon

Hello there! Let’s start with a fun fact: my real name is Jorge, but everyone calls me George, and I got used to it (eventually).

Now on to the good part, my #FoundeverLife experience started a few years ago on July 26 of 2017. I had been recently “let go” from an internship at a radio station and was struggling to make ends meet with my rent, with food and most importantly with my college. I was afraid and really stressed out because of that situation, so I ended up sending my CV to literally everyone, from fast-food chains to retail stores.

One day I received a call from this company I had barely heard of called “Foundever”. They had seen my CV and were impressed and told me to go to an interview to work with them in customer service. I was really excited and immediately said YES! The following day, I went to the interview. I was greeted by a recruiter that was really nice to me and helped me with a few questions I had about the campaign and what it was like working with Foundever. I was really nervous, but I managed to control myself. Everything went smoothly until the recruiter, and another guy from HR called two agents to exit the room and then told all of us that the campaign was full (they didn’t need any more agents) and unfortunately, we had to be “let go”. I almost cried.

The next few days were…hard. I was still trying to get a job, and I was actually in the middle of thinking about quitting college that semester when I received a phone call, again from Foundever. A campaign had started the recruiting process and HR immediately called me to check if I was still interested in working with them. Again I said yes, and they told me about two options: working technical support or as a travel agent (amongst other things). The day came, and this time I was cynical about the whole situation.

For a moment, I imagined that all of this was some kind of joke that I would show up and they would tell me again to go home. Alas, it wasn’t like that this time, I went and presented my English test and passed the interview, and then the interview with the same recruiter who was really nice to me the whole time. And before I noticed, I had been selected, and the next day on August 11, I started working. I was really happy.

From the beginning, I hoped to work at least 5-6 months while I studied and gathered enough money for college and then I would quit and work somewhere else. That is what I thought, but instead, I have been here for 2 years, 2 months and two days as I write this. Here, I found a new family, amazing friends that made me feel that I was coming to have fun.

Thanks to this job, I was able to finish college and I am in the middle of pursuing my dreams to become a writer. Right now I am really excited to keep working here, to keep growing in the company and to keep making the best of every day, one smile at the time.

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