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Mireia Guix Boix

Hey there! My name is Mireia, and I’m 27 years old. I’m from a city near Barcelona, Spain, but I work in Foundever Porto. I joined the company barely one year ago, in October 2018.

I’m a person that likes to travel and learn from new cultures and new languages. Foundever helped me with my new adventure here in Porto. They got all the paperwork ready for me and made my integration much easier. I was also able to work in English while speaking Spanish and learning Portuguese.

Coming from a European student association and used to a multicultural environment, Foundever gave me back the feeling, allowing me to interact with people from different countries daily. Did you know that yes in Russian sounds like, “what time is it” in Portuguese? Funny right?

From the trainers to the team leaders, I always felt they had a clear understanding of what the brand stands for and what differentiates Foundever from other Teleperformance companies. The work environment and the people that fill the floors are the best in this company. I’ve met amazing people and I always felt very supported by my team lead. The job is not always easy, but I already feel like my mediation and negotiation skills improved a lot.

I became a MAX Insider because I want to be part of development. I used to be part of working groups, developing strategies in my association and it’s by far what I enjoyed the most. Not only because it’s a way to contribute to improving the workplace and your co-workers, but also because you can learn tons from debating and listening to other people’s ideas.

I am excited to start this journey!

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