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Geymi Junieth Sotelo Ramírez

Hi, this is Geymi Sotelo!

I started working at Foundever back in December 2020. My journey started when I got an English scholarship at UAM where later Foundever had a work fair that I apply for. As my very first job experience, I was a little scared at the beginning but since the moment I started working here the people have been so nice and I felt very welcome.

My experience at Foundever has been great so far, I have learned work ethic and how a work environment should be like, very fun, safe, and engaging.

I love being part of our campaign’s monthly activities and I also love how I can contribute creatively to them and my voice will be heard and my ideas will be considered. It makes me feel that what I have to say matter and is of value here.

My peers who I work with are also wonderful people they have a level of respect, empathy and overall understanding that connects with me and I have formed a very close friendship with some of them, and is all because I became part of this big Foundever family.

I want to keep growing withing Foundever and I know that whatever I learn here will also be of help in my personal growth as well.

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