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Gisselle Parajon

Hello everyone! I’m Gisselle, a 27-year-old Nicaraguan girl born and raised in this beautiful country.

I am currently a Recruiting and Marketing Specialist for Foundever Nicaragua; though, it wasn’t always like this. I started my journey at Foundever in 2015 after graduating from Business Administration. After a few jobs at NGOs, I was seeking stability when I heard about this wonderful company.

Applying at Foundever was such a challenge for me as I needed to move from my hometown to the capital city and that meant lots of personal and professional changes. I risked it and I came. It was my first time in a call center and the Recruitment team placed me in a chat campaign. There I learned how to deal with customers, how to calm them, how to cope with stress and how to work in a team. A few months later I was helping my coach lead my co-workers and a year later I was applying for the Recruiting Specialist position. Luckily, I got it and I’ve been in the department for the last 3 years.

Foundever has allowed me to pursue my goals, to purchase my car and it has prepared me for future management positions. I love working at Foundever because of the environment, the growth opportunities and the amazing inclusive culture here. I specifically love my job as I feel that we change peoples’ lives, we contribute to the country’s economy and we enhance our associates’ morale.

Without hesitation, I will always be a Foundever fan and I am proud of living our #FoundeverLife. Therefore, if anyone is thinking about starting a career at a call center, I will always recommend Foundever.

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