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Hannah Reeves

I started at Foundever in 2016 after leaving a steady job. I was the first wave of Coaches to be hired for the new Spartanburg site. I didn’t know what to expect; on my first day, the building was unfinished. This worried me and made me wonder if I had made a huge mistake leaving my previous position, but the management that came from all over to help open the site made the transition seamless.

I started in a sales line of business that I didn’t think I could transition to (my background is in tech support); however, the coaching staff and training department helped me get the hang of things. After, excelling more than I thought I ever would in a sales campaign, I got moved into more of a reporting role to assist with gathering and providing feedback on Key Performance Indicator scores. From there I knew that I wanted to make Foundever my long term career and continue to develop myself and work my way up the ladder.

I am currently an OMTT and loving every minute of my development here at Foundever. I can honestly say that Foundever is one of the best companies I have ever worked for. Some of the most influential people in my life I have met here at Foundever and I will forever be grateful for the friendships and mentors here.

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