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Alejandro Piñero

Foundever appeared in my life at a very difficult moment. As a Venezuelan immigrant, I was unable to get a formal job in Colombia. I was working as a janitor at a theater when they told me that they didn’t need me anymore. My girlfriend and I had to move out from the place we were living in. I spent almost a month looking for a job, until I got an interview with Foundever, to start working on the Lyft campaign. I was ecstatic to have a job, especially one where I could grow and develop myself. I loved the training and made great friends within my team.

After 6 months as an agent, I had the opportunity to start as a coach. Here I met many amazing people. I’m proud to see that some of my first agents are now part of the operations team. I’m really happy to see how we live the People First culture at Foundever.

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