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Iris Georgina Moreno Ferrey

Hello, guys this is Iris and I’d like to share my incredible story at sitel with you…

My story starts back in 2020 when I joined the company through the FLIP program and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. During this program I learned about customer service and more, as well I was able to overcome my fears and they prepare me to be a great agent.

Recently I was transfer to the chat department which has been a totally new but an awesome experience, I have around 3 months now in the chat department.

At first I thought I wasn’t good enough, but they thought me I was and I just needed an opportunity like the one they gave me in 2020. Now, I’ve been working at sitel for a year and 4 months and it has been incredible!! I am able now to support my family, to have my own things and soon I’ll have my own house thank to this amazing job and company.

I’d like to say to everyone who wants to apply to sitel, Do it!! You won’t regret, I’d like to inspire those who are afraid as I was when I started and tell them, You’ll be more than welcome to this company, you’ll have stability, you will have a lots of benefits working in here and I can say this through my story. 💜

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