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Iris Cotes

My journey with Foundever started 12 years ago. Foundever is my first job, I started with the intention of paying my university and then move into another field, but this industry caught me.

I was a collections agent, and one day my supervisor advised I could take care of a team. I was very hesitant to do so as I had no experience – and at only 19 years old, everyone was older than me. It all started with a SKEP Session, and here I am. After being a Quality Analyst, Coach, Quality Lead, Operations Manager, I was recently promoted to a Senior Operations Manager. My journey with Foundever couldn’t be more perfect. I was proudly Coach Growth Point (CTT Back then) Wave 1 for my site and as well part of the OMTT before being a Manager. My age or gender was not a roadblock to continuing growing and developing myself. Foundever showed me what I was capable of, and for that, I would be forever grateful.

When I had no clue I could stand in front of the VP Team of our client and develop an attrition strategy, my manager and co-workers were there. When I thought we couldn’t pull an account out of the red zone, they were there too, and so we did. When I had very serious eye surgery, I felt as a Foundever Associate; I couldn’t be more supported. Foundever has given me a Family for good and for bad, it has given me the opportunity, inspirational leaders that continue supporting me on every stage of my career path, a door that never closes and it has given me a Voice 🙂

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