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Jaime Joaquin Figueroa Garcia

I started at Foundever back in 2014, as a customer service agent for hotel reservations, this was my first job in the BPO, I did not have enough experience back then and the first months were a big challenge. I have to say my scores were not that good and the stress I had was so overwhelming that I was thinking to quit several times. Nonetheless, I was counting with something I never considered: my supervisor! Her name was Natty, she noticed that I was having a hard time and did all the arrangements so I could be transfer to another account, sadly I lost contact with her, but what she did help me a lot, nowadays I still working at Foundever in the same account I was transferred but now as a Trainer, helping others to develop their skills same way I was help. Foundever is my second home, here I’ve been able to find friends, grow opportunities and amazing experience. love to be here and be part of it. Thanks!♥

El Salvador

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