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Valezka Fabiola Vado Mendez

Hi, my name is Valezka, probably you know me from CXpert program, but I would like to share my history. I was born in Managua in 1999. My family is for 7 important people for me, my little sister(15), my mom(43) my dad(43) my old sister(27) married, my brother in law(31) and my grandmother(my mom’s mom 79), and my pets, 4 dogs and 1 cat. I consider my self as a social person and I love pets as well. When I was a teenager, I didn’t know what career will be the best option to study and in which areas I am the best. I knew that English is a great option to grow but not exactly the jobs. When I was 18 years old I took a technical career in costumer service and hotel reception, I thought I would work as a receptionist in a hotel, but I was not 100% sure. Unfortunately, in that year, I met a guy who I thought would support my idea of live and job style life, but, was a big mistake. I wasted 2 and half year with this person believing he could changed one day but, everything was turning worst and worst. My ideas to get a job in a hotel were staying in the past, I was losing my English skills and this person didn’t let me grow, never wanted me to work or get a temporally job for me. My family needed me. My dad didn’t have a job, my mom never worked, my sister was at that time 11 years old, I was feeling that my entire life I will be a woman attending a man as a servant. I suffered physical abuse, psychological abuse, manipulation, threats. Currently, I am suffering cybernetic abuse from this person who unfortunately is outside the country. When he traveled to USA, I decided to run away from him, I start building my life with my first goals before meeting him. 2 months later, I decided to study at EFCC and improve my English and help my family with the money and my life as an independent adult. Let me tell you, in a record time of 1 month and half, Coach Jose Lara, did the impossible, he helped me to defeat the fear to talk with someone else in this language. Unfortunately, I live outside the city so I was unable to work from home, and the campaigns available were from home. I had to wait around 2 months to start to work, was really difficult for my family paid the transportation for me during those 3 months and half, but at the end I did my interview for the second time and I got hired. Yujuu!! I was afraid because I have never worked before, haha. But OMG. The experience in training, the product and everything was perfect. The patience has a price at the end. I am working in the best campaign as ever, taking phone calls now, and helping my family. Now I feel that I am a winner and not a looser as the person used to tell me everyday. I’m still working in my feelings, trying to fix my confidence, the broken parts of my thoughts and working to be a successful person. Step by step, rising from the ashes. Thank you Foundever for providing the opportunity to see that life is full of good times, opportunities to achieve what you want to find people to fit in with and support me to move on and forget about the hole I was in. Thursday, April 13 is my birthday number 24. It is wonderful for me to know that now, our life is changing and we will be together celebrating this year of success. Thank you again.


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