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Jayvilyn Cosme

I have been with the company for 8 years and 5 months. Foundever has given me a lot of opportunities to grow, learn and meet new people.

I was very lucky to be surrounded by people with similar interests: helping others see their potential. I have been part of the escalations team for 4 years. With the potential they saw in me, I was privileged to be sent Bogota, Colombia for 3 months to train and open a new site. My managers made sure I was equipped with knowledge and skills before sending me to Colombia. Of all supports and coaches, who would have thought that I would be chosen to help open a site abroad! It’s always an added incentive to always do your best! You would never who’s watching and how it might turn out. On the day of my flight, I got the most wonderful news! I was promoted as a Coach Track Trainee. Because of hard work and determination, I was confirmed after a year, grabbed a few account and Foundever awards and participated in several fun activities. That was when I realized, I am finally where I belong.

Helping others was always my passion in life. I graduated as a Nurse and Foundever has given me numerous opportunity to allow me to do the things that I love. Foundever gave me the opportunity to be part of Baguio’s bravest. I was the only woman to complete the Fire volunteer training during my batch. With the help of my managers in finding ways to fix my schedule, I also squeezed in to volunteer as a Nurse in a Health Center in Tubao, La Union every weekend while handling a team on week days. I have also completed my German language class despite having a busy work schedule . I will forever be thankful to the people who is behind all of my successes in life.


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