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Jelena Andrijevic

Hi, everyone!

I’m coming from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, a beautiful small country in Eastern Europe. Here is my story J

So, basically, everything started while I was chitchatting with my best friend. By that time, she was working at Foundever as HR Recruiter. And, she asked me to join her company by applying for a CSR position as technical support. Because of the campaign’s policy, I couldn’t know what was it about – the only thing I knew is that I will provide technical support for clients in Italy and Switzerland. Since I’ve mastered Italian language and literature with English as a second one, I had nothing to lose if I try. I could put in practice everything I learned when it comes to communication J

To be honest, I never wanted to work in a call center where I need to call and bother other people by selling them products.

But, after I was persuaded that this would not be the case, I applied. A couple of days passed, there were interviews, tests, and finally came the day when I signed the contract, on the 17th of October, 2016.

And there is a little anecdote that I would like to share with you – on our first training “welcome” day, we were told that our team would be named “Calligraphy” (consider that we still didn’t know who is our client or what our task was going to be). So, calligraphy? How is that technical support?!

Looking back now, I could say that there were a lot of things that happened that brought me to what I am today. A lot of experience in customer relationships, gained technical knowledge, many internal struggles and fights that encouraged me to be patient.

What am I very proud of?

Well, the fact that I had an opportunity to show what I know, who I am and what my passion is – to lecture, to help, to bring some new ideas, to listen and to enjoy it! (While doing it)

Thus I need to say that I was given an opportunity to go through amazing training for Learning Specialist and I have had an opportunity to learn a lot of things and to learn a lot from others. I am also a certified BTT trainer and trainer for Soft Skills, which I consider very important when it comes to customer satisfaction field.

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