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Jenel Tadaya

My day starts with me drinking my coffee quietly, no TV, no music, no chatting, just silence. My love for coffee does not only happen during certain days, it’s actually what keeps me going the rest of the day whether it’s a working week or during my day off. This is the time where I get to plan my day, making a mental checklist of things to do.

Every day I am inspired to be able to mentor my team to better themselves both professionally and as an individual. With years of experience handling people, it is safe to say that I have developed the eye to know if a Team member has the willingness and the initiative to push themselves to either go for the next position or be the best in the team.

Truly inspiring and a pat on the back, whenever I witness my team succeed. I push them every day not only to succeed individually but also as a Team and Foundever has given me that opportunity.

I have been with Foundever for almost 2 years now and every day is an opportunity for me to pay forward the goodness I have continued to receive from the management and the company.

Truly every day is a good day to be with Foundever.

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