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Jayfril Goloyugo

I struggled in looking for a job and a company where I can say that I belong and I can be who I am without any judgment. Prior to Foundever, I worked with different hotel companies as a Concierge. As I wear my smile in front of the guests, I am being crushed on the inside as I am not allowed to wear what I want to wear and to sound how I want to sound, or simply, I am not allowed to be who I really am.

Bullying is something that I thought was normal for someone who is a part of the LGBT community. I am a victim of this in my previous jobs. People mimic the way I speak, people make fun of how I dress and people look down on my individuality. And when it’s too much, that is always the reason why I would leave – that was the cycle.

But that cycle changed when I found Foundever. I thought that I will have the same story. That people will make fun of me and won’t accept my individuality. But I was wrong. I am truly thankful that I am part of an organization that supports the LGBTQIA+ community. Everyone accepted me for who I am. No one made me feel uncomfortable. I can now work freely being my own self. I can laugh and share my stories with my coworkers and they made me feel that they are interested in what I have to say. I was given the support for whoever I wanted to be with and the most important thing of all, people here are actually encouraging me to embrace my individuality. And because of this – I feel empowered. I will not get tired of sharing my stories with those people who need it and those who are experiencing the same journey I had before.

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