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Jennifer Hankammer

Hello, my name is Jennifer Hankammer. I joined Foundever in 2011, just 2 years after moving from my home country, the Philippines, to Germany.

Equipped with an MBA degree and years of management experience in the banking, healthcare and BPO industries, she worked as a team manager for the Potsdam and Berlin offices on various projects. Currently, I am a “team manager without my own team” and support four different projects as an administrative team manager. Additionally, I am an active member of the event team of the Berlin office.

Outside the office, I am the president of the University of the Philippines Alumni Association Germany, e.V. This group sends a deserving Filipino to the university every year and carries out various projects to “give something back” to their country.

For example, we recently completed a fundraising campaign for the hospital partner of our university, the Philippine General Hospital, to provide additional personal protective equipment (PPE) to its medical and non-medical cross-border commuters.

I also founded the group of Filipino artists called Talento, which presents Philippine talent in Germany, and had worked with the Philippine Embassy in Germany for some of their events. At home, I love baking, not only for my husband and my two daughters but also for my friends and work colleagues.

This picture shows me on my “new normal” day juggling with Work@Home and taking care of my child, as the kindergarten will be closed indefinitely during the pandemic in 2020.


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