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Jhon Errol Go

I have been with Foundever since April 1, 2013. The story I’d like to share is about opportunities and what can be accomplished when you have the confidence that someone on your team is always going to be better than you are. The good news is, they will always be there willing to help you.

I started as an agent and got to the Quality Analyst Apprentice post in 3 months. From QA, I signed up as a Reports Analyst. Then I applied and secured the role of a Quality Manager. Today, I am taking on the role of a Production Operations Manager.

Each and every time I had to take on a new role, I had self-doubts: do I have what it takes? Am I ready? There was always this gnawing fear of failure. Every time I had those thoughts, I just had to remind myself that you don’t have to be the best. You just have to be the first to decide. Will my team be behind me? Decide in trusting the team you support, while you take care of the trust that they also place in you. Relying on the team that you support will support you back.

The challenge is to continue to capitalize on opportunities as they arise. Do not drown in fear, trust yourself and your team!

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