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John Menard Escote

I was about to take 2nd year College when I started and decided to work at Foundever. I am 19 and at this time literally didn’t have any idea of what I really should do or what I wanted for my future or the opportunity present that can help me.

By the time I got hired I remember it was April 29 , 2019 there were a lot of applicants that really want to apply at the same to be hired. It was actually my time when the worlds stop and then after all I came up really disappointed when I showed to the final interview.

But my sadness turned to happiness when my name was called for some tests and also another interview to be qualified. And then exactly am I was already hired and sign up the contract.

That day is somehow a life-changing opportunity for a 19 year old. I called my mom and also it took days before it sank into my brain that I was a Foundever employee.

It was our first training day May 13, 2019, I came early and perform well until the last day of training, and that whole training experience you can see that all of the staff is willing to understand each and every side of you. That’s the first thing that I will not forget. The second is the friendship that was made because of the whole process that we had in the last months. Some found their special someone and some found those friends have the same interest in life.

Training day is done and its time to enter the real world of BPO – and guess what I discovered? As I expected all of the customer service representatives, coaches, and higher bosses are very friendly they are willing to entertain you every time you pass by.

As time goes by, working in a BPO company – like here in Foundever – has never been that easy, but the friendly environment always wants to tell you that there is a career and a team that needs and you just need to wake up in your deep sleep.

That’s what Foundever all about: working as a team, celebrating as a team.

Because Foundever is a workplace that can lead you to your career goals – not just work, not just a job.

So why Foundever? Because it’s more fun and more to discover in Foundever💕

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